Wrapped in Light

Jill’s latest recording was released on 11/1/21 on COR ANGLAIS Records. This collection of 10 tunes is a musical reflection of the lyrical writings found in the Book of Psalms.

The overall tone of the recording intends to convey peacefulness and calm. Electronic keyboard sounds were added to her signature instrumentation of oboe, English horn, piano, cello and guitar.

Jill Haley makes music for those quiet moments, drifting her oboe, cor anglais and piano melodies in those liminal spaces between night and day, wakefulness and dreams. 
-John Diliberto, Echoes 

wrapped in light cd

8th album release on Cor Anglais Records by Jill Haley

Release date 11/1/21

This is Jill’s 1st release that is not based on National Park inspirations. Due to the enforced travel bans we all had to endure during 2020/21, Jill turned to the Book of Psalms and found lovely imagery in these writings. After reading sections of this book, Jill would freely improvise on the piano and new pieces began to be formed. The beautiful nature images about clouds, water and the sun all led her to pieces about these elements of our earth.

Each time Jill visits a Park, the Park bestows a “gift” to her that can never be anticipated. Water in Glacier and Wind in Badlands are just 2 examples. As she began to noodle around on the piano while reading the Psalms, a recurring musical theme kept appearing in every tune. This is called a “Leitmotif” and Jill soon realized that this was the “gift.” It is heard in every piece on the recording- but never as a main theme, more as a fleeting musical moment. 

Guest artists

David Cullen   guitar, bass

Graham Cullen   cello

Recorded at Morningstar Studios by Glenn Barratt and by Corin Nelsen at Synchrosonic Productions

 Mixed and mastered by Corin Nelsen

Produced by Corin Nelsen and Jill Haley

 Wrapped in Light By Jill Haley

Album Review by Dyan Garris, New Age CD, New Age Notes Radio, and Zone Music Reporter (ZMR)

Music from the very gifted multi-instrumentalist Jill Haley is always a treat. Her albums are always heartfelt, authentic, and impeccable. Jill is best known for her work with the National Park system. She visits various National Parks, spends time there as artist in residence, and writes music based upon her inspirations from each place of beauty. However, due to the pandemic, she was not able to visit a National Park as she normally does. So, she turned her artistic abilities inward and garnered her musical inspiration from The Book of Psalms instead. Her new album, “Wrapped In Light” is the result. I think that’s just brilliant. 

Now, to the music on this gorgeous album. “Wrapped In Light is 10 tracks, about 47 minutes of warm, richly hued music. The instrumentation consists of piano, English horn, oboe, and synth (Jill Haley), guitar and bass (husband, David Cullen), and cello (son, Graham Cullen). 

The title track opens this album, and we can feel the Light bathe us in a soft cloak of comfort. Melodic piano, softly ethereal synth, and strings all make this so very beautiful, and it’s a wonderful beginning. 

Following is “Clouds Rise.” With its tranquil guitar, soothing synth and sweet oboe, English horn, and melodic, gentle piano, we can feel our spirits rise. “Forest Sings for Joy” is equally as uplifting in every way. 

Some other highlights: “The Mountains Rise” is stunningly beautiful and creates a wide, expansive, cinematic vista. I love this piece. Likewise regarding “Wings of Dawn.” Impressively gorgeous. I love that Jill has added synth into this album, which is new for her. It adds even more depth to her already magnificent compositions. 

“Flourishing Grass” is very pretty, and conjures up in the imagination, lush fields of green blowing softly in the gentle breeze. Quite beautiful, as is all on this album. 

Can you imagine how the waters of the Earth once looked in the beginning? The album closes out with “Pools of Water,” which effectively conveys that azure vision. And why wouldn’t it? Jill Haley clearly has a great gift for translating the beauty of nature into elegant musical soundscapes for us all to enjoy and get lost in. Simply gorgeous. 

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