Introducing C.A.R.E. Channel Artist Jill Haley

As a composer and performing artist, the U.S. national parks have been an inspiration to me. It is difficult to describe how immense and beautiful these treasured landscapes are to someone who has not visited them. Some artists choose words, others paint or use a camera. I choose music. This journey began with a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana, which resulted in a collection of musical pieces written after I returned home in an attempt to convey the beauty of the places I visited. Out of this came” Glacier Soundscapes,” my 1st recording about a national park. Read More

Susan L. Pena – Reading Eagle

When Jill Haley and her husband, guitarist David Cullen, went on a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana in 2009, the experience set her on a musical journey that has continued to this day. Since then, the oboist/composer has found inspiration in a series of vacations and residencies in United States National Parks, resulting not only in music, photography, and videos but in many stories. She, along with Cullen and pianist Sue McDevitt, will share the music and a few of those stories in “Soundscapes: The Waters of the Glacier” at the Berks History Center Wednesday at 7PM presented by the Children’s Home of Reading as part of Berks County Fest’s Pretzel City Concert Series.  Read More Susan L. Pena – May 2018

Kathy Parsons – Mainly Piano

2016 is the centennial celebration for the US National Parks, and National Parks Soundscapes is a collection of original pieces by Jill Haley that were inspired by twelve of the parks in the system. It is also a thank you to the Park Service and a reminder that we need to be diligent in ensuring that the parks are preserved for generations to come. Over the past several years, Haley has released Mesa Verde Soundscapes (2014), Zion and Bryce Canyon Soundscapes (2012), and Glacier Soundscapes (2010). Four of the pieces from those three albums appear on this album and the other eight celebrate the beauty and splendor Cuyahoga Valley, Badlands, Acadia, Shenandoah, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Everglades, and Valley Forge National Parks. Haley is probably best-known for her distinctive English horn and oboe playing on many of Will Ackerman’s productions, but she is also an accomplished pianist and composer. In fact, Mesa Verde Soundscapes was awarded “Best Piano Album with Instrumentation” by the Zone Music Reporter in 2014. It is interesting to note that this National Parks series has been something of a family project with Haley’s husband, David Cullen performing on guitar and bass, daughter Dana Cullen on horn, and son Graham Cullen on cello; Tony Deangelis also appears on percussion and snare drum. Haley performs on piano, English horn, and oboe. The CD package also includes a wonderful 15-page full-color booklet with photos Haley took at each of the parks. Read More. Kathy Parsons – August 2016

Michael Diamond of Music and Media Focus

“If anyone comes close to expressing the ineffable splendor of nature through music, it is Jill Haley. Her National Park Soundscapes album illuminates both the grandeur and subtlety of these natural wonders. Each piece is beautifully written in tribute to a particular park and enhanced by the musical chemistry between Jill and her talented accompanists, making for a most enchanting listening experience.” Read More.

Keith Hannaleck – New Age Music Reviews

Jill Haley is an oboist, English horn player, pianist, and composer who has written and released 4 recordings about the National Parks in the United States. Her most recent release National Park Soundscapes is a reflection of the beauty in nature that surrounds us and can be found all over the U.S. The album which is a digipack, features all 12 parks pictured with photos by the artist as well, all encapsulated into new age and classical instrumental pieces. Music is the eternal communicator and something all of us can understand and interpret in our own way. The beauty of the instrumental album creates and continually supports that thought process. Read More.

Rotcod Zzaj – Improvijazzation Nation

I first listened to and reviewed Jill’s beautiful piano and oboe work in issue # 129… she got high marks on that one, and this new CD takes her work up to yet another level… some truly beautiful music on this 14-song CD. The gentle calm she projects on “Curves Of Burnt Orange” will soothe even the most savage of us. What Jill knows how to do (that some other players don’t) is take advantage of the “silent spaces” and let the listener fill them in with their imagination… her husband David’s guitar on “Towers and Kivas” is totally fulfilling, and will be listened to over and over again – it certainly was by me. My personal favorite on the album was the slow-paced ‘Vibrant Mesa Blossoms“… it digs right down into your soul and fills your spirit with the same vibrancy those blossoms must have conveyed. I give Jill and her musical pals a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98. You can get more information about this totally talented player at Jill’s website. – Rotcod Zzaj – September 2014

Keith Hannaleck – New Age Music Reviews

Jill Haley is an artist devoted to the expression of art through nature…or is it nature through art? She is known worldwide on radio and air play for her work as a solo artist and through her work with Windham Hill Records. Mesa Verde Soundscapes is her third foray into an album with a national park theme and is dedicated to the personnel that devote their lives to the upkeep of the park. Read More – Keith Hannaleck – September 2014

Kathy Parsons –

Jill Haley’s Mesa Verde Soundscapes is the third in a series of albums inspired by US National Parks. During a two-week stay at Mesa Verde as an Artist-in-Residence, Haley was afforded the opportunity to explore many sites, dwellings, and landscapes while creating music. Read More – Kathy Parsons – September 2014

Sergey Oreshkin – Ascentor

On her new album, “Mesa Verde Soundscapes” the American artist Jill Haley continues to share her impressions gained from visiting her country’s national parks. Musical excursions to Glacier National Park and Bryce Canyon inspired her previous two releases. In this album Jill proposes we visit Mesa Verde, if only in our imaginations. Read More – Sergey Oreshkin – August 2014

Music and Media Focus

After being admitted to the artist-in-residence program at Mesa Verde National Park in the Four Corners area of Colorado, Jill got to spend about two weeks actually living in the park and learning about the ancestral Puebloans who lived in the cliffs from A.D. 600 to 1300. Read More – Music and Media Focus – May 2014

International Musician

“Most musicians know that the ability to improvise is a useful skill. Oboe and English horn player Jill Haley says she built her career on improvisation.” Read More – International Musician – December 2010

Pagan Radio Network

“With such a diverse and brilliant career behind her, is it any wonder that Glarier Soundscapes, created to bring life to the Glacier National Park, is such a joy to listen to?” – Pagan Radio Network

Philadelphia Weekly

“Face it – most of us couldn’t even name a professional oboe player, let alone talk informatively about who’s playing and composing for the instrument in innovative ways. Here’s a name to fill in the gap – Jill Haley” – Philadelphia Weekly

The Double Reed Journal

“Jill Haley’s adroit facility all over the instrument makes her a fine ambassador on the oboe’s journey to the fusion field” – The Double Reed Journal / Volume 21, #1

Reading Eagle

“Jill Haley played a heartfelt English horn solo in the “Goin’ Home” theme, producing a gorgeous tone throughout.” – Susan Pena, Reading Eagle

The Double Reed Journal

“Anyone curious about alternative possibilities for the instrument should get acquainted with Jill’s work. She has found a supportive audience for her creative skills and expressive needs.” – The Double Reed Journal / Volume 27, #4

Billboard Magazine

“With some cuts already receiving airplay, Pennsylvania’s acoustic trio album provides a pleasant jazzy listen as Jill Haley’s delicate oboe weaves through the intricate guitar play.” – Billboard Magazine (Review of One Alternative’s album, “Take Note”)

New Age Retailer Magazine

“While I have never visited the place, after hearing the CD’s music, I can well imagine how bursting with beauty every square inch must be!” – New Age Retailer Magazine