Zion and Bryce Canyon Soundscapes

“Zion and Bryce Canyon Soundscapes” is a new recording of music about Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah.

The recording is dedicated to the National Park Service which is celebrating it’s centennial in 2016. It is a follow up CD to Jill’s 1st recording about Glacier National Park.

Featured Musicians

Guest artists on the new CD include David Cullen on guitar and bass, Dana Cullen on French horn, and Graham Cullen on the cello. These 3 musicians join the oboe, English horn and piano performances by Jill.

Reviews & Honorable Mentions

In November 2012, Zion and Bryce Canyon Soundscapes was the #1 most played CD for ambient music on the Zone Music Reporter website.

Kathy Parsons from Mainly Piano
“Although the National Park system is quite a large entity, Zion and Bryce Canyon Soundscapes is a very personal and impressive tribute expressed in the universal languages of music and photography.”

“Michael Diamond from Music and Media Focus”
“Jill Haley has done a magnificent job of capturing the spirit and evoking both the feel and natural beauty of these precious National Park lands in her instrumental soundscapes. It is music for a wonderful cause.”

“Raj Manoharan from The RajMan Review”
“I imagine that this would be a perfect soundtrack to take on a trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.”

From Improvijazzation
“An overall smashing success that will have many of you listening over and over.”

From the Borderland (United Kingdom)
“Zion and Bryce Canyon Soundscapes is an impressive package marrying music and photography togetheR… a rarity, I can’t think offhand of a similar project as this.”

From Relaxmuz (In Russia)
“This record is dedicated to the National Park System which is celebrating its centennial in 2016.”

Where to Purchase

The CD package includes a 12 page photo booklet of the places in the Parks that inspired the titles of the compositions.

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