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Wind Hymn

Western Meadowlark

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The Winds of Badlands

The Winds of Badlands is a collection of pieces Jill wrote while an Artist in Residence at South Dakota’s Badlands National Park. The wind was her constant companion while she explored this stark landscape and it greatly influenced her compositions.

Featured Musicians

David Cullen on guitar and bass, Graham Cullen on cello


“With her latest release The Winds of Badlands, which consists of twelve contemporary/New Age ballads, she now has half a dozen albums that celebrate, through her glorious music, the beauty and majesty of America’s parks. Her English horn, oboe, and piano creates an incredible sound vista to enjoy not only these natural wonders, but also the everyday world around us.” Read More
R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews

“Though many of Jill’s most lush and compelling works are piano driven, her artful texturing of oboe and English horn with David Cullen’s acoustic guitar on her latest album The Winds of Badlands brings to mind the many exquisite dual albums by Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel. While Jill brings echoes of all those glorious paths of the past, her soul-conscious texturing of fresh, poetic whimsy and reflective grace takes us forward into this era where the battle for the soul of these places, and the earth itself, is a sociopolitical reality. ” Read Review
Jonathan Widran | The JW Vibe

“Jill’s tantalizing piano, oboe and English horn are complimented wonderfully by her husband, David Cullen, on guitar and bass, and her son, Graham Cullen, on cello; that’s particularly true for songs like “Western Meadowlark Call“… the call/response she and David play for the intro is a perfect setup for this most magical tune; I just loved it, and will be playing it over and over again!” Read Review
Dick Metcalf | Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“Jill Haley has amazing musical gifts. Not only is she a consummate oboe and French horn player, she pulls beautiful music out of the atmosphere of America’s National Parks. She is also a visual artist who has combined this talent with her musical compositions.” Read Review
Hope T Wood | Facebook

“What Jill Haley accomplishes is two-fold. Her innate sense of musicality and how it relates to the music and nature then the gift of conveying her spirituality through the instruments she plays. It is a powerful message to each listener, particularly those that believe our environment is so important and to invest in protecting our Mother Earth for future generations. These parks should be held with the highest respect and love. Those of you that are here to provide the teachings and stewardship to the current generations and beyond are essential to moving forward in this process.” Read Review
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck | New Age Music Reviews

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