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The Waters of Glacier

This new recording was inspired by a month-long Artist in Residency at Glacier National Park. When Jill arrived in October it was rainy, but she was assured by local folks that the weather would change. Despite this prediction, it turned out to be the rainiest October in the history of the Park. The weather combined with the lakes, rivers, and waterfalls led to “The Waters of Glacier”.

Featured Musicians

Jill Haley, David Cullen, Dana Cullen, Michael Manring, Tom Eaton


“When Jill Haley and her husband, guitarist David Cullen, went on a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana in 2009, the experience set her on a musical journey that has continued to this day. Since then, the oboist/composer has found inspiration in a series of vacations and residencies in United States National Parks, resulting not only in music, photography and videos, but in many stories.” Read Review
Susan L Pena | Reading Eagle Newspaper 

“As refreshing and renewing as the waters that inspired them, Jill Haley’s latest music and multi-media project, “The Waters of the Glacier”, offers a beautiful, energizing, powerful, expressive, relaxing and immersive experience for those who take the journey with Haley. Wow!”
Dave Kline | Reading Eagle Newspaper | EEU Radio | The Mountain Folk Radio & Web Show

“The Waters of Glacier continues a string of recordings dedicated to the environment. I have always enjoyed her offerings not only for the superb music but for the subject matter. Nothing is more precious than our planet, the giver of life. To see all pictures gathered inside the CD for this recording and the music telling each story, well, it was like I took the trip myself.

The music is so engaging and picturesque and certainly, that is the intent here. I think Jill really did a great job putting this project together and making an impact on listeners in several different ways.

It is emotional because of our ties to humans and the earth and the serenity found within the mountains of Montana and subsequently in the music.” read the entire review
5/5 Stars | Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck | April 13, 2018

“An overall contemplative album from an accomplished artist, The Waters of Glacier, perhaps boasts some of Jill Haley’s finest work yet. Additionally, fans of the classic Windham Hill sound will likely be particularly enthused with this fantastic release!”
Candice Michelle of “Aural Awakenings

“Each new set of aural sculptures has exceeded the previous one.. this release contains some of the most insightful sonic portraits you will ever listen to.”
Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“I have reviewed 4 of the 5 albums in this NATIONAL PARK series and love them all, but I think “Waters of Glacier” is my favorite…so far”
Kathy Parsons Mainly Piano

“Jill is a truly special composer and interpreter of our country’s National Parks via music which conveys wonder, awe, and a unique beauty that defies description in written language”
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