National Park Musicals (Quarantine Edition)

During our shelter in place time, we will share a weekly video of live music from our home about our National Parks. We start with Badlands where I was an artist in residence.

Echoes 2019 Podcast

In the Echoes Podcast, we speak with Jill Haley who takes up residence in National Parks, and composes music inspired by the landscapes and her photographs. Haley has played on numerous Will Ackerman productions and is a founding member of the acoustic fusion group, One Alternative. We talk to her about her latest album, The Winds of Badlands, and her many other recordings inspired by National Parks. Take a walk through the parks with Jill Haley in the Echoes Podcast. And watch out for our Echoes Acoustic Thanksgiving program with Jill Haley and her trio playing live.

Falling Gold

McCarthy Spirit

Towers and Kivas

A Soldier’s Sacrifice

Sunrift George

Ten Thousand Islands

Shenandoah Stillness

West Glacier School Presentation

SoundScapes Sound Room Session

Chapin Daybreak at Mesa Verde National Park

Cerulean Sky

Trail of the Cedars

Prairie Grass Dance at Badlands National Park

Thread of Continuity at Mesa Verde National Park

Hoodoo Silhouettes

Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

Approaching Baring Falls

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